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website health checkHaving a website to market your business is the first step but is that website performing well for you? Our Website Marketing Check Up looks at over 50 areas of website marketing to give you a clear picture of how effective your website is today as a marketing tool. We look at Social Media, Content, Technical areas and Search Engine Optimization strategies to see if your website is being effective in the marketplace.

We provide a comprehensive report on 50 key website marketing areas that you can use to improve your website ranking on search engines, spread the word further with social media and ensure your website is getting noticed. To see a brief outline of our analysis and report read on.



Georgia Down Under Website Design will focus on 5 specific areas for the Website Marketing Check Up,

  • Website Marketing Content Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization Analysis
  • Website Technical Analysis
  • Domain & Internet Marketing Analysis

Content Analysis for marketing purposes looks at many areas including the amount of content you have, how it contains keywords and phrases, if the content is appropriate for your business throughout the website and if the content is current. We believe content to be the most critical part of website marketing so we spend the most time detailing where improvements can be made in this area. Content Analysis also touches on how you convert visitors into leads or even customers and if your website has content organized well for easy navigation by visitors.

Social Media as we know is the buzz of the internet these days and certainly its importance cannot be under estimated. In our Website Marketing Check Up we look at your website to see if you are using social media effectively to market your business or even just your website effectively. The marketing report will include looking at linking to social media pages, integrations of social media apps and how the website uses social media to drive traffic and interact with visitors.

Search Engine Optimization of a website for marketing purposes is a strategic but at times very technical area that many people are unable to improve on, due mainly to lack of knowledge or lack of access to their websites files and content. In the Website Check Up report we explain the key and important SEO areas where your website is lacking and needs correction. Some of these areas can be corrected by the website quickly and will improve the websites visibility to Search Engines and therefore provide more marketing exposure.

Technical Analysis in the check up report provides insight into several areas important to the website functioning correctly and consistently in today's modern internet world. We investigate browser compatibility, look for broken links and ensure you have in place strategic files in your websites file structure that provide the maximum access for your visitors.

For Domain & Internet Marketing areas we check up on how relevant your domain is to your market, report of the visual look and feel of your website and other key marketing and technical factors that might limit your marketing reach online.

Finally we provide a Marketing Summary of all findings and a Marketing Score out of 100 so you get a clear picture of where we believe your website lies in relation to the rest of the online world. If you would like to follow up with us for improved marketing  for your website we are happy to discuss any of the areas in the report. You can use our report to improve your website marketing yourself, hire a marketing professional or enlist Georgia Down Under Website Design to help.

Our Website Marketing Check Up gives you all the information you need to get your website back to the best marketing health possible.

We offer the 50 Point Website Marketing Check Up Report as well the Extended Analysis Report & Consultation, where we personally discuss with you and correct if possible website marketing areas that will improve your marketing reach.