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facebooklogoSo how do we use Facebook to market our business? Well this basic tutorial is hopefully is good way to get started. If you are a small business owner starting a facebook business page does not cost anything, can be integrated easily into a website and other marketing media and can drive quality traffic to your website, business or organization. So here we go.!! Feel free to share this.

Lesson 1

1) Use it, sounds simple I know, but the lawn doesnt get mowed if you dont jump on the mower!. Facebook users rely on constant interaction for attraction and to feed curiosity, thankfully there are many people on there all the time (50% of all users registered, use it once a day at least) ... Your goal is to start and create conversations, make anecdotal observations of whats going on in your life or around you and others. But try not to talk business to start with, this is social media after all and the word social is the important part. You wouldnt rock up to a party where there are people you havent spoken to in a few months and start blabbing about your business the whole time and nothing else, those people would walk away. Facebook and social media is the same.

2) Gather friends. Both personally and for your business pages. You all should have a place on your website or other marketing media where friends can join your business facebook page or have that info. You need to direct people there. You also need to join other peoples businesses too, after all if you want people to like you, then you have to like them. Tell people you are on facebook, offer discounts to people on facebook and freely mention it in conversation. Believe me people will envy you for just knowing about how to use it.

3) Invite people. Send a msg using facebook to all your personal contacts in your personal facebook account inviting them to join you on your facebook business page. Facebook also has great applications to access your email address book to look for other facebook users to invite them or even non facebook users who will be prompted to join facebook. When you go to your business page on facebook you should see these apps right in front of you.

4) Post on your personal account at least once a week. This is a social network. Be social, accept friends that ask to be friends and respond to their posts with your feelings on their post. Try to keep it light hearted. Remember your personal account is different to your business account, when you post on your personal account it will use your name, when you post on your business account it will show you as your business name. Facebook is pretty good at knowing where you are, so make sure you do as well. ie dont post about how p'eed off you are about something on your business page, this however is acceptable behavior on your personal page. :) So know where you are.!

5) Post an item to your business page at least once a month, perhaps two or three times a month depending on your business. Some businesses post daily, new deals, specials etc. Remember though if you post too much and the posts become annoying people will hide you and your posts will not be seen. Worst still they will unfriend you or mark your posts as spam! Be realistic about the time it takes to make posts. No point starting something you can keep up with.! I try to post once a week showing a new website I have released or upgraded.

6) Learn how to post different things to your pages, ie photos, with a comment, link to a page of your website you want to highlight or has just been created. Facebook will pull in the first paragraph of that story, great way to get traffic to your website. Post a note, a comment or video. Learn how to do them all and see the reaction you get. Engage people with interesting things, not always to do with something you want to sell them. Facebook also the next day reports on your business page how many people saw that post. Look for "impressions" under the post.

7) Share other peoples posts with your contacts. Sharing was what made facebook explode, as did 'tagging' which we will discuss another time. But if we all shared each others posts once in a while not only would our own friends see my post but all your friends would see that you liked the post enough to share. Learn how to share other peoples posts, then occasionally they will start to share yours. Imagine you offer a great deal to your contacts. You might have 200 contacts and they all see it, great. But what if four people you know share that same post with their contacts and they all have 500 people in their contacts list that you dont know. Well in the time it took you to lift your cup of coffee 2200 people just saw your great deal. SHARING IS KING on Facebook.

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