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With regards to Search Engine Optimization, often we have contact from potential new clients joining the website ownership world who say, "Oh, I already have a domain name". Our first thought is always, oh well there probably goes any chance the website will rank quickly for organic searches on Google or any other search engines.

The truth is, domain names relative to the target visitor the new website owner is trying to attract are critical in the beginning. We understand as a website grows in content, improved search engine ranking potential also grows, however that doesn't help things early on when the website owner thinks his or her site is going to be front and center in Google's top three organic results from day one. It just is not that easy. (Studies show the top three listings apart form any advertising paid listings, get 95% of the clicks)

So the lucky clients for us are the ones that do not have a domain name yet, or at least are not so set on some fancy domain name they dont want to give up. With some quality search analysis Georgia Down Under can establish the right keywords that when incorporated into a domain name will give great early results for Google and Yahoo for any website owner wanting to drive traffic immediately. So perhaps before you go and buy that new Domain name, contact us and let us save you a lot of headaches. A well researched domain name relative to your target visitors is invaluable.

Our latest example of this was the recently released where the site owners were actually not 100% sure about their domain name. So with some research and some planning we were able to convince the client not to use a family name in the domain, but actually target the domain name to the service they are offering. With the assistance of a SEO plan and a targeted domain name, in less than 10 days the website ranked #1 on Google and Yahoo for many pet related terms.

So before you go over to Georgia Down Under Domains, contact us and let us help your site find its feet in its early life, with a domain name that gets high organic search engine rankings in just a few days.