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Its a question we often hear. Can you help me edit my website? Or will my new website be easy to edit? Or finally, will you edit my website for me? Well we are pleased to say there is good news on all counts. Many people simply are so eager to get their website online they think little about what happens next and how their website can be updated after launch. At Georgia Down Under website design however we have you covered. We develop websites that are fully editable by the owner as soon as the website goes live.

This ability to edit your website online live, we feel is a huge bonus for the website design platform we use. It can mean the owner of the website can login to their own website, update any page on the site and even very simply add new pages to sections and categories. All whilst looking at the updates happen instantly on their live website. This is also the case for images and photos using a simple upload feature that can add files from your desktop staright into any live web page.

Of course many people do not have time for updating the website and are not 100% sure they want that responsibility either. That is where our Website Maintenance Packages come in handy for the new website owner. Just send us an email, or use the Support Area and we can update your site for you. Either way the new website owner is the winner and the site gains updated contented on a regular basis. Just what it needs to be compelling for visitors and help with SEO ranking.

So if you have a website that needs editing we can help, if you wanted to know if your new website will be easy to edit, yes it will. And finally if you prefer, will we do it for you, of course. Just drop us a line and let us take the worry out of editing your current or new website project.

Below you can see four images of how easy updating our websites can be. 1) Shows the editing icon that appears within articles when a 'manager' is logged into the website. 2) Shows the online website editor which as easy as using a word document editor. 3) Shows the image uploading feature where you can import images into your articles easily and quickly. 4) Shows where you can change the place an article is stored or when it is published or even when publishing should end, plus a rnage of other features.

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