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Website Optimization Marketing & Management

Website Optimization Marketing & Management

Our Premium Website Hosting & Support Get The Facts

People often ask us what do I get for my money when it comes to what you charge me for Premium Hosting? Well if they don’t ask like they should, they are maybe thinking the same, and rightly so.

When it comes to server functionality and behind the scenes support, the very support that keeps your business or organization website running like clockwork, then you can use the old saying pretty much every time. “You get what you pay for”.

At GDU, we have always taken a proactive approach to server maintenance and support. Now this doesn’t include updating your website or adding pictures etc. This is the stuff that goes on behind the scenes that you don’t see, the stuff that you are actually paying for.

As the modern website has evolved, especially over the last 3-5 years, so to has the not so nice people out there that want to cause trouble to websites, servers and anyone involved in any online activity. As most are aware SPAM takes many minutes or sometimes even hours of our time to deal with each week. With the added threat of “Phishing” scams the cost could also be monetarily or even your very identity. So what was the norm for the hackers to do 10-15 years ago and that was to deface a website, has now lead to a far more sophisticated attempt at cheating you, website owners and server managers out of their well earned cash or just causing massive headaches.

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Website Marketing Check Up - Whats Your Score?

website health checkHaving a website to market your business is the first step but is that website performing well for you? Our Website Marketing Check Up looks at over 50 areas of website marketing to give you a clear picture of how effective your website is today as a marketing tool. We look at Social Media, Content, Technical areas and Search Engine Optimization strategies to see if your website is being effective in the marketplace.

We provide a comprehensive report on 50 key website marketing areas that you can use to improve your website ranking on search engines, spread the word further with social media and ensure your website is getting noticed. To see a brief outline of our analysis and report read on.

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Listing Ebay Items On Your Website

ebay_storeSelling on Ebay has never been easier so it is not surprising to see so many companies using that medium to market their products and improve their sales reach. Incorporating your Ebay items into your website is also quite easy. As seen here we have a customized module that can pull in all your Ebay listings and display them on your website.

This allows you to keep your branding on your website whilst using the feature rich applications of Ebay. You can also set different parameters of this module to grab different categories of items from your store.

There are many more things to learn about the Ebay store items module for your website, so drop us a line and we discuss how this innovative functionality can really help your website and your sales.

Real Estate Website Design

Real Estate Website DesignReal Estate is like many other professional careers very competitive and requires savvy marketing to be successful. A quality website is vitally important to provide prospective sellers and buyers the opportunity to connect and become clients.

A real estate website just like a home for sale has to have curb appeal and some pop for visitors just like the home listed and we believe must contain exactly what the visitor is looking for, location, details and price.

That normally means providing images of properties and information  in the exact area local they are thinking of buying an selling. We use content management system website design to assist Realtors make those local connections and manage their inventory for everyone to access.

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How To Use Facebook Business Pages For Marketing

facebooklogoSo how do we use Facebook to market our business? Well this basic tutorial is hopefully is good way to get started. If you are a small business owner starting a facebook business page does not cost anything, can be integrated easily into a website and other marketing media and can drive quality traffic to your website, business or organization. So here we go.!! Feel free to share this.

Lesson 1

1) Use it, sounds simple I know, but the lawn doesnt get mowed if you dont jump on the mower!. Facebook users rely on constant interaction for attraction and to feed curiosity, thankfully there are many people on there all the time (50% of all users registered, use it once a day at least) ... Your goal is to start and create conversations, make anecdotal observations of whats going on in your life or around you and others. But try not to talk business to start with, this is social media after all and the word social is the important part. You wouldnt rock up to a party where there are people you havent spoken to in a few months and start blabbing about your business the whole time and nothing else, those people would walk away. Facebook and social media is the same.

2) Gather friends. Both personally and for your business pages. You all should have a place on your website or other marketing media where friends can join your business facebook page or have that info. You need to direct people there. You also need to join other peoples businesses too, after all if you want people to like you, then you have to like them. Tell people you are on facebook, offer discounts to people on facebook and freely mention it in conversation. Believe me people will envy you for just knowing about how to use it.

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How important are Domain names for SEO?

With regards to Search Engine Optimization, often we have contact from potential new clients joining the website ownership world who say, "Oh, I already have a domain name". Our first thought is always, oh well there probably goes any chance the website will rank quickly for organic searches on Google or any other search engines.

The truth is, domain names relative to the target visitor the new website owner is trying to attract are critical in the beginning. We understand as a website grows in content, improved search engine ranking potential also grows, however that doesn't help things early on when the website owner thinks his or her site is going to be front and center in Google's top three organic results from day one. It just is not that easy. (Studies show the top three listings apart form any advertising paid listings, get 95% of the clicks)

So the lucky clients for us are the ones that do not have a domain name yet, or at least are not so set on some fancy domain name they dont want to give up. With some quality search analysis Georgia Down Under can establish the right keywords that when incorporated into a domain name will give great early results for Google and Yahoo for any website owner wanting to drive traffic immediately. So perhaps before you go and buy that new Domain name, contact us and let us save you a lot of headaches. A well researched domain name relative to your target visitors is invaluable.

Our latest example of this was the recently released www.dunwoodypetsitting.com where the site owners were actually not 100% sure about their domain name. So with some research and some planning we were able to convince the client not to use a family name in the domain, but actually target the domain name to the service they are offering. With the assistance of a SEO plan and a targeted domain name, in less than 10 days the website ranked #1 on Google and Yahoo for many pet related terms.

So before you go over to Georgia Down Under Domains, contact us and let us help your site find its feet in its early life, with a domain name that gets high organic search engine rankings in just a few days.