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Web Design Services

We are pleased to offer a range of web design services for your website and business development needs.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the #1 talked about subject in the internet market these days. At Georgia Down Under we can deploy a range of tools and changes to your website to enable it to rise up the rankings. Your site will not be very successful unless it is on first page on Search Engines like Google for your keywords. At Georgia Down Under we also specialize also in Search Engine Optimization to bring organic traffic to your website.

Website Maintenance

After every site is released we will complete minor edits to the websites content for the first 14 days free of charge. After that time the client is in control of any editing and additions to the website. Instructions on how to edit content is provided to website owners on site launch. Sometimes the client has built into the website development process an ongoing maintenance plan, which we are only too happy to discuss with any new client. We are of course are also happy to assist with single time editing of the website but this will attract a much higher fee.

We sell Website Maintenance in blocks of either 4, 10 or 20 hours. When called upon to conduct maintenance we simple subtract the time used from the block, complete the work and then update your Account area with your remaining maintenance balance. We have found many clients find this service to be very beneficial knowing they can have their website updated quickly, sometimes within 24hrs and not have to get new quotes or proposals approved.

Please use this link to order Maintenance Services Plans available.

Advertising Network

If you are looking to advertise your website or conversely you want to provide advertising space for advertisers we can help you here at Georgia Down Under.

Advertisers: We deploy a state of the art web ad-server solution that you can advertise your website or business for as little as $5 a month.

Webmasters: We can monetize your idle website real-estate by serving ads from our server network and by providing paying advertisers. All the work is done for you, we host the ads, configure the scripts and monitor the server for activity. We can even generate the ads for you or your clients. And yes you can on-sell our services to your clients. Contact us today to get started making money from your website.